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Antibiotics and You

Antibiotics and You

Antibiotics have been a wonderful discovery and invention, but please realize they as well as other drugs are not without consequences.  If you or your Doctor thinks antibiotics may help your condition, here’s what I recommend. Have the infection tested! Don’t just take antibiotics hoping to fight off some unknown. Taking an antibiotic to fight a Virus not only doesn’t work but it makes the situation worse! Get a culture and find out what the infection is.

Most people are surprised to find out that 90% or more of Upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and Sinus infections are viral and NOT bacterial. Antibiotics during a bacterial infection hamper your immune system to fight off the virus because you are killing normal bacteria that help you. Many studies confirm that multiple uses of antibiotics lead to infection recurrence, asthma and other immune system disturbances and dysfunction.

Avoid antibiotics unless there is laboratory proof that you have what the antibiotic is intended for.

Dr. Kerry B. Woods

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