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The Woods Chiropractic Team

Dr. Kerry Woods, Chiropractor Whittier

Dr. Kerry Woods

Dr. Kerry Woods, D.C.

Dr. Kerry Woods was born and raised in Whittier, and returned home in the early 90s to practice here after graduating at the top of his class in clinical skills at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

He has trained with some of the world’s top health experts, and over the years has become a noted expert in his own right, focusing on wellness.

He has helped thousands of people to relieve their pain, improve their mobility and nurture their health and wellness with his gentle, effective, drug-free approach. Read More >>


Robyn Woods, C.A., Office Manager

Robyn, Whittier Chiropractic Assistant


Hi I’m Robyn. I have always been interested in the health field.  One of the big reasons that I got into Chiropractic was when I was in a motorcycle accident, I went to several MDs and I did not get relief of the cause of my pain and went to a Chiropractor and after a succession of visits, I was well. I was impressed and surprised! I didn’t know I had nerve interference and how serious it can be. When Kerry decided to be a Chiropractor, I immediately took the Chiropractic Assistant courses at LACC and got the certificate and over the years have received several certificates for insurance billing/collecting and have been to many seminars. I love Chiropractic because I’ve had first hand experience that it truly corrects the cause of so many ailments.  I have been a CA since 1986. The best thing about my career is that I get to witness miracles every single day.

Robyn is the wife of Dr. Woods for 30 years and is a proud mother of one daughter, Summer.  She loves to run, weight train, ski, draw, scuba dive, hike, go to concerts, travel and enjoys the nightlife.  Her pets include a teacup Chihuahua named Deery and a cat named Smackie.

Jaylene, Chiropractic Assistant



My name is Jaylene. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 12 years old. For many years I was not fully aware of what scoliosis is nor how important it is to seek treatment. I was not educated in understanding the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and working at improving the curvature of my spine. It was not until my 2nd year of college, after pursing an education in Personal Fitness Training, that I began to recognize the value of Chiropractic care and benefits of many other therapies within the health and wellness field. As a result, educating people, learning and growing in the Wellness Environment is a major passion of mine. I truly find happiness and joy in working under and alongside those seeking health and the desire to better themselves and those around them.

I spend most of my free time exploring coffee shops, reading, hiking, going to the beach, weight training, rock climbing, participating in Spartan Races and watching Netflix.

Ryan, Massage Therapist

Ryan headshot


Hello, I’m Ryan and I am a certified massage therapist. I spend most of my free time at the beach, in the gym, and with my family. I enjoy being involved in my church. I love music, singing and dancing, playing volleyball, traveling, and exploring the city I live in.

It’s amazing to see the relief people enjoy through the power of touch. Not only do I love the benefits of massage, but I love being a part of the process. I went to school for kinesiology because I loved learning about the human body, and the more I learned the more I became interested in the health field. Then I was introduced to massage. I wanted to learn how to perform a massage and help anyone in need of physical assistance. The techniques I use and their successes, encourages me to work with more people. Call and make an appointment so you can experience those results too.

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