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Nutrition and Wellness

WaterfallDr. Woods is a firm believer that effective holistic healthcare requires a 3-dimensional approach. With focus on the physical, chemical and emotional aspects of one’s life, (the entire person) better health can be achieved best by supporting the innate ability of the body to heal itself. This is true Wellness!

Proper Nutrition

As the name implies holism means to improve health we must consider the body as a whole and care for it from all dimensions that we can. This is why Dr. Woods is a big supporter of proper nutrition and the use of high quality supplements like Metagenics.

Guided Imagery

Along with the support of the physical and chemical portions of life Dr. Woods highly encourages awareness of our emotional health. This begins with learning to quiet the mind and balance our thoughts to integrate the past and the future. Guided Imagery is an excellent way to begin to learn to get control of our subconscious mind and Dr. Woods has spent years studying this and has designed a 30-min program specifically to help you improve the conscious and subconscious mind. It’s easy to use and only a $1 dollar to use as long as you wish.

Life Goals with Lifebook

Along with this mediation, it’s important to consider goal setting, to organize our thoughts and dreams about our future. Lifebook is an eight week program designed to help people arrive at an organized place and have a hard written road map of your own life goals.

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