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Run from our problems?

Who can say they don’t have problems? The things we are up against on a daily basis can be wild or mild, often times its our descision how much these will effect us. Human thinking and philosophy has evolved over the years we’ve been here and it appears that many things happen for a reason. It’s almost as if someone is trying to teach us something or pushing us toward bettering ourselves.  Can anyone really argue that going to the gym regularly and physically stressing our bodies doesn’t make them better functioning and healthier?  Stressing ourselves this way is how we improve our physical being. Just like running, playing a sport or just being active has it’s benefit, life’s stresses in the end teach us, give us experience and mold us into something better based on our history.  The vast majority of situations we are in are basically our own doing and everyone knows that you can’t rely on changing someone else. Many times it feels like the best thing to do is move away from the problem, anI there are times when you simply have to, it’s the best thing. But be careful! Many times the problem is something shared with someone else. Both people have responsibility in creating the problems. This is often where the reality is that I need to work on me.  What’s my part?  Avoiding the problem may provide relief but in the end no matter where you go, your still with “you”.  So if you “run” your simply met in time with the same unchanged “you” and hopefully come to the realization that the change needed to be in “you” and not where you were so to speak.  The quote of the day that I wrote that describes this great epiphany goes like this.

“Better,  is not a place somewhere else that you go.
Better, is a place that we achieve within ourselves” KW

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  1. says
    Aug 15, 2013 at 2:58 PM

    Many times what we need to "run" from is the current "me" and not the problem.

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