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We feel exactly like we think?

“The vast majority of our problems are intensified and exaggerated by our minds. If we could only learn to under-react an live in the moment, so much could roll harmlessly off our backs.” KW

Our minds really are our reality. Our physicaol body responds to validate the thoughts we have. In other words we feel like we think, because “emotion is the physiological affirmation of thought, whether conscious or unconscious” KW

We must harness that fact and get our minds to concentrate on the positive and relish in the good. The way we think is the eventuality of how we will feel. So conversely when we continue to review the difficulties of the past we will continue to make chemicals in our bodies that create the confirmatory feelings of those negativities.

“Those who continue to live in the past, simply have not yet learned to live in the present.” KW

“The length of time that your past
Will bother you will be exactly
To the minute you allow it.” KW

Learn to let go, move ahead, see the good and find joy. The way you think is the way you will feel. Get the body moving! Exercise is critical in flushing out stresses and making room for positivity. Eat better now. Remove toxins, lose weight and treat your body to fresh organic nutrient dense foods to support adapatabilty and promote better function. Get adjusted by a Chiroractor to release blocks to nervous system function. See all of this as good and see the gift of your body as deserving this and you will have begun to move toward wellness

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