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This Could Save Your Life!

Stress kills, right? New research shows it’s not stress or the reaction we get to it that’s so damaging. It’s our belief about how we react. When we experience stress and feel our body redact to it, that reaction is normal…healthy. It’s on purpose. Even though it may initially frighten us, the physiological reaction happens to help us. When we fear that bodily reaction we actually turn that reaction into a dangerous situation. Stressing out over being stressed out is bad. Change your view of the physiology. Research shows that people who simply view their stress sensations as “there to help”, energizing them to conquer the situation or their body’s rise to the challenge. Learn to listen to your body, know that’s it’s reactions are healthy, normal and for your good. This change in view can literally SAVE YOUR LIFE! For more info on this contact Dr. Woods at

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